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Kimberly Jayne Creates

I create math extension activities, logic puzzles, deep thinking challenges, and more!

Challenge math cards in various colors.

about me

Meet Kimberly Jayne!


I’m a full-time teacher at an Inclusive Education School.

TpT Seller

I’ve been creating resources for high ability students since 2020.

Gifted and Talented Coordinator

I created a program for gifted and high ability students in K-6.

Logic Puzzles

I feature a number of logic puzzles in my resource collection. Read how I use them in my article Logic Puzzles for Gifted Students.

Have you heard?

A twice exceptional learner is one whom not only has the potential for high achievement, but also has a learning disability of difficulty.

Twice Exceptional: Gifted and Learning Disabled

Read my important blog post on the issue of 2E.

The words "Twice Exceptional" and "2E"  are displayed. A teenager is sitting at a table with head down.